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About B&P

About B&P

B&P Law Firm is a boutique law firm established in Tokyo in 2022. Working out of our offices in Tokyo and Nagoya, our experienced lawyers deliver bespoke legal services to our clients. Our goal is to provide high-level legal services with passion, using the best of our professional knowledge and experience, while being grateful for the relationships, bond, we have met with our clients. To keep this in mind, we have named our law firm B&P Law Firm from the respective initials Bond and Passion.

We handle a wide range of corporate legal services, including M&A / commercial transactions / regulatory compliance, corporate compliance, labor, finance, restructuring / insolvency, healthcare / pharmaceutical, real estate, start-up / IPO support, wealth management / business succession, international business, litigation and other dispute resolution procedures. We are committed to providing support that is not only focused on short-term relationships, but also on medium- to long-term relationships, with a deep understanding of the client's business and internal circumstances.

We also put our value on the life enrichment of the members of B&P Law Firm. Rather than pursuing the size of our firm, we fully share our knowledge and experience with our members and help them develop their skills by providing them with training and other systems. Our main goal is to enable its members to lead fulfilling lives together with our firm.

With members who share these values, B&P Law Firm sets our goal to provide the best service to our clients and to be the firm of choice.